About Us


About the Identity Network Foundation (INF)

We are a non-profit foundation that oversees a global identity verification network based on the Principles of Identification for Sustainable Development Goals, protecting billions of users’ digital identities to expand  access, user privacy, and fundamental rights to everyone.



Why Identity Matters

All value exchange and economic activity, at its root, is based on trust. Historically humans have relied upon their standing in their community or relationship with institutions to confirm their identity in order to facilitate an economic exchange. There are still billions of people who lack the ability to prove they are who they say they are, and thus unable to exchange value beyond their small community. Of the 7+ billion people on Earth, over 1 billion lack legal identity, close to 1.5 billion lack a bank account, 4+ billion do not have smartphones or digital wallets, and thus are unable to participate in the 21st century digital economy. 


Who Lack of Identity Effects

17% are children under the age of 5 

40% are children under the age of 18

78% live in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

36% of the population in low-income economies is estimated to lack an officially-recognized ID


Our Mission


Safeguard the independence, transparency, security, and longevity of the network so that it exists for humanity forever.

Self Funding


The Identity Network Foundation is self funding from the fees collected for identity verification. This is paid  by our partner organizations, not the individual.

Humanitarians for Humanity


The INF is stewarded by a board made up of representatives from NGOs or IGOs with at least 10 years of economic and social development work.

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